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Which flowers to give on Qixi Festival?

Which flowers can i give on Qixi Festival?

Red Roses:

Offcourse Red Roses are one of your first choices. They represent love, romance, beauty and perfection:

Qixi Festival - Red Roses are a perfect gift to give to your love

White Roses:

White Roses stands for marriage, new beginnings or letting her know that you are thinking about her:

Qixi Festival - White Roses for love, marriage and new beginnings

Forget Me Not:

Giving Forget Me Nots means a true and everlasting love. A love that lasts through time. They also stand for growing affection and love between two people or a remembarence for the most favorite moments between two lovers.

Qixi Festival - Perfect gift for a true and everlasting love


Lilies are very suitable: Lilies stands for commitment, friendship, dedication and devotion to your friend. They also stand for prosperity, wealth and romance.

Qixi Festival -  Lilies for commitment, frienship, dedication, devotion, prosperity, wealth and romance

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