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Qixi Festival Gifts: Love and Chocolates

Giving chocolates on Qixi Festival:

It is a well known fact: women love and adore Chocolates. Studies shows women love chocolate before birth. Chocolates can make a woman feel like a little girl again! Chocolates are perfect gifts for expressing your love on Qixi Festival.

Chocolates boxes are perfect gifts for expressing your love on Qixi Festival

Except from stabilizing womens hormones during certain periods, chocolate helps the body to generate Serotonin, which is the hormone that regulates hapiness. And that is what the Qixi Festival is all about: Love and Happiness.

Qixi Festival - Chocolate gifts for love and happiness

Research also shows that chocolate is helping to generate Phenylethylamine. This chemical is released when you are in love and it stimulates other (psyhical) desires.

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